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I’m trying to figure out exactly what the service is. It appears to be a patch solution that ensures workstations automatically get an update to the operating system and applications as soon as they are available.
But, then, I don’t understand the Tweakers script. Because then you are not protected against zero-day attacks, because there are no patches for that, unless this is a service where Ubuntu writes the patch and only serves those clients, which I find very bad.

Another feature is the special packages for encryption which seem to be unavailable to regular users. It helps you to comply with some regulations (which is different from what Tweakers write.. the tool itself is not compatible, it helps you with these packages to become compatible). I somewhat understand that you are offering it commercially. But making patches of open free software available only to paid users is strange.

Edit: I understand now that it’s comparable to Microsoft’s extended support, as you as an organization get longer patches than normal support on the version of Ubuntu you’re using. The tweakers script remains a little weird because it is not protected against zero days, as there is no workaround for that (otherwise it is not zero day). With the service, Ubuntu ensures that there is still a solution for you in exchange for that zero-day.

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