Canon produces chipless inks for business printers due to lack of chips – Computer – News

Canon has started producing chipless toner cartridges for its commercial printers. The company does this due to the constant shortage of chips. It is about ink cartridges for commercial printers and Multifunction Printers.

Says the European section in Canon It is currently facing challenges in getting enough “electrical components” for its printers. In order to ensure continued supply, the company has chosen to delete the semiconductor components until normal supply volumes in that region are returned.

On the German site Canon gives a list of affected printers; This usually includes a large number of imageRunner templates. on him Australian support page Canon says it will start supplying chip-free toner cartridges in Australia and New Zealand from February. It is not clear if this timing also applies to other regions.

This step of deleting chips in ink cartridges may mean that the ability to check how much ink is left no longer works. Canon stresses that customers can continue to print as normal, but there will be a slightly changed user experience. Automatic toner replacement, in which Canon sends out new ones based on reading ink levels, is now also no longer available.

The company also provides brief instructions on how customers should handle a machine report that a toner cartridge is not recognized; This requires nothing more than ignoring or clicking on notifications. The latter has to do with checking whether it relates to official inks; This step cannot be done without the chips either.

The lack of chips is not only affecting the commercial print market. And the supply of printers to consumers has not been at a normal level for some time.

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