Canceled Beau van Erven Dorens? “I like it” | entertainment

Canceled Beau van Erven Dorens?  "I like it" |  entertainment

in conversation with Veronica Superguide On the sustainability of his television career, among other things, Poe says he at least wants to disappear from the tube before others decide for him. “I stop when the ideas run dry, or when I decide I’m just going to write. Well, or if I have no other choice. Because imagine if I yelled something awful and it was canceled. That chance is with me, because sometimes I say clumsy things.”

“If the NPO had put Kockelmann in Op1 five days a week, they would have made it more difficult for us”

He thinks it’s not a bad idea. “Actually, I would like to: A great opportunity to build something new somewhere else. Writing books and working in a café, there are many things I would like to do.”

Van Cotten bag

The presenter intends to continue saying what he thinks of the future. “But it doesn’t make sense to pretend you’re someone else, because people like to just look at me: that Bloemendal cockroach with its weird behavior.”

When Beau stops making TV, he likes to take an example of how Kees van Kooten is after the TV show Van Cotten and DB He disappeared from the spotlight. “I don’t know how long I’m going to keep watching TV, but at least I want to stop before I’m told I don’t need it anymore. There are some older people on TV trying really hard to stay in the picture. Then show me how Kees van Coten did it: he left himself and was not tempted to come back again.”


Finally, Beau is aware of the ever-expanding talk-show scene, where, for example, Sixth day, which will air on SBS6 from January, will take place. “And don’t forget Arjen Lubach’s new program on NPO 1, which will be a fierce competition. All of Lubach, Dirksen and his teammates are at the level of the Eredivisie. We are fortunate that everything in the NPO must be very diverse. Because if they join Sven Kukelmann five days a week in 1 I think they would have made it more difficult for us. “

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