Camila had a hard time criticizing her relationship with Charles | Currently

Camila had a hard time criticizing her relationship with Charles |  Currently

Duchess Camilla was met with a storm of criticism when she and Prince Charles announced that they were dating. For years they had an affair while they were married to someone else. Camilla told the British magazine that learning to live with this amount of criticism “wasn’t easy”. Vogue magazine

The relationship between Charles and Camilla became official after Charles and his wife Diana divorced in 1996. A year earlier, Camilla separated from her husband Andrew Parker Bowles.

“It wasn’t easy,” says Camila. Vogue magazine† “I’ve been on probation for a long time. And you have to find a way to live with that. Nobody likes to be looked at all the time, you know, criticized. But I think I’ll get there eventually. I got up above. You have to go on living.”

Diana died a year after her divorce from Charles as a result of a car accident. The mother of Prince William and Prince Harry was very popular with the British people. This and the relationship between Charles and Camilla caused Camilla to receive a lot of criticism.

Camilla says in the interview that the relationship with Charles is sometimes difficult, because they both have a whole agenda. “Sometimes it’s hard, but we always try to see each other,” she says. “Sometimes it’s short, but we love having a cup of tea together to discuss the day. It’s good to catch up.”

“Although I think it’s better to sit together in the same room and read a book. We don’t have to say anything. We’re just together.”

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