Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 will get 1v1 combat in a gulag next month Gaming News

This peak player is nice, but those stats don’t say much. These are Steam numbers, not from and not from other platforms like Xbox and Playstation. I’m also playing the game myself via and don’t know why I would play it via Steam, the old versions weren’t even available via Steam. So the question is what percentage of gamers are playing the game through Steam and what numbers are playing through

I only play DMZ myself, as far as I’m concerned what is the best game mode that could be released. You’ve seen Battle Royal and the full mod. On the other hand, DMZ is innovative, perhaps not compared to other games, but it is for CoD. The possibilities there are also much greater and I would expect them to focus more on the DMZ than on Battle Royal.

EDIT: I don’t understand at all why Warzone 1 was so great to so many, the game mechanics especially running and slide canceling were horrible. It didn’t make sense, just watching some “professional” players play made you dizzy and sick. Only people who have mastered it can easily beat casual players, which is much more difficult now because with good aim and some map knowledge you can go a long way.

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