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Strange situation. If that phone has USB-C, you’ll never get a new iPhone again, because Apple won’t suddenly go back to Lightning in 5 years.

Communication does not change. A few weeks ago I sorted my cables into boxes (power, display, network, USB, etc…), and all my old cables that I haven’t used in over 10+ years (IDE, DVI, VGA, parallel printer cable) are given away to a store Savings, as sometimes there are still computers that need these cables.

Communication does not change. Since I have two tablets with USB-C (2018 iPad Pro 12.9 and 2021 Mini), I was surprised and disappointed that both the iPhone 13 and 14 still have Lightning in them. I literally had to buy Lightning cables to use this phone. Everything else I use is now USB-C (except for one device where I have two versions: one with USB-C and one with Mini-USB. But that one doesn’t change, except that the connection is refreshed every X years.)

There is no other choice, because the only other phone this size with a rather long backing was the S22 (or 21; which was popular when the iPhone 13 came out), and I might not buy that phone yet.

I’ll continue to use my iPhone 13 until Apple stops updating it, after which I hope to have USB-C up by then.

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