C (38): “I am very busy with my financial future.” | salary

C (38): “I am very busy with my financial future.” |  salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutch person every week. Today: Jim (38) works full time as a customs broker assistant. Prepares customs documents for import, export and transit of goods.

What do you earn?
€2,800 gross, €2,280 net.

Happy with – cheerful who?
,,yes. Believes. I mainly worked in a repository. In recent years, I’ve worked my way up to a customs clearance. My job before that had irregular working hours such as evening and morning shifts. Then I earned €2,600 total, so I improved €200 and no longer had shifting spells.”

What are your secondary employment terms?
I receive a travel allowance of 180 euros. And when I work from home, I get 2 euros a day. We also get a bonus at the beginning of the year. Half of this depends on the trading volume generated. The other half is related to an individual’s performance in the past year. This year I received a total bonus of 2,890 euros.”

Have you negotiated your salary?
,,yes. When I was still working in the warehouse, I studied to become a customs clerk. Then the recruiter called me. Then I received a number of orders and said I wanted to earn €2800. The recruiter suggested me 2,600 euros. He asked me what I was earning at the time, but I didn’t say I wanted to earn more.

It was a communication fault on both sides. I’m mildly autistic, so sometimes I find it hard to know when to say something. Then I think they understand that. I need to share more of what’s on my mind. Then I agreed to do a trial for one year and after that I wanted a permanent contract and wanted to win €2,800. And that’s what just happened.”

Have you negotiated every job you have?
“I always do this when I learn about something. There are also career opportunities for autistic people. You shouldn’t put me in a sales position where I have to have a lot of customer contact and respond privately. If I had more time to think about it, then it would work.” , which is also evidenced by the studies I’ve done. I’m very strong analytically. I see connections quickly. I’m eager to learn and absorb information quickly. But getting it out with words is more difficult.”


I am eager to learn and absorb information quickly. But it is more difficult to come up with words

Do you know what your colleagues earn?

do you want to know?
“I never hide it and just say it. But opening up about salary is very difficult in Holland. I hardly know what they earn from friends.”

How do you see your future?
Ten years ago, when I was still working in the warehouse, my goal was to win €2,000. Now I am aiming for 3000 euros. I’m also someone who wants to work for it. I want to study soon with new knowledge you are more valuable, and you have to pay for it.

I am very interested in my financial future. I have an excel list containing my entries and expenses. I follow it every month and try to keep it as much as possible. I have an expensive hobby: traveling. So you have to make money for it.”

Is Jim making enough?

Age: 38
Number of years of work experience: 4 years
Number of working hours per week: 40
Education: HBO
Job: logistics and import – export
Industry: logistics
Number of employees: 40
Country of residence in the headquarters: United States of America

according to Salary Guide The average salary for his position is 2804 euros. “Then you did it right.”

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