“But I’m not guilty”

"But I'm not guilty"

He is not talking about myths, but about distorting the truth to make it more beautiful. “Who wouldn’t do that on their resume,” he said in an interview with WABC radio. “I’m not going to make excuses for this, but a lot of people exaggerate their resumes. I’m not saying I’m not guilty of that,” he said.

After his election, the The New York Times Santos never graduated from a college or university, although he said he did graduate from Baruch College and New York University. He has now apologized for it. “I am ashamed and sorry for embellishing my CV”, He said New York Post“Sometimes we do stupid things in life,” we add.

Employers don’t know

Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, the financial firms he claimed to have worked for on his resume, were also unaware of his existence. He now talks about a “bad choice of words” in an interview with the Post. He used to do odd jobs for related companies from his own company.

Incidentally, Santos is still committed to a seat in the US Congress. “I am not guilty. Not here, not abroad, not anywhere in the world,” he said in an interview with WABC radio host John Catsimaditis. “I’m not some crook who made up a fictional character and then ran for Congress. I’ve been there a long time. I mean, a lot of people know me. . They know who I am. They have done business with me,” he added.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has yet to comment on the revelations.

In last month’s election, Santos defeated Democratic candidate Robert Zimmerman in the newly elected district, which includes parts of Queens and some nearby Long Island suburbs. Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives.

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