June 5, 2023

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Busy again in Schiphol today, airport anticipates a more manageable day |  Currently

Busy again in Schiphol today, airport anticipates a more manageable day | Currently

Schiphol says she expects today to be a busy day, but “more manageable” than Monday. A spokesman for the airport said the airport is closely monitoring the flow of passengers and their waiting times. Due to the large crowds, several flights were canceled on Monday.

This is how Transavia and KLM . responded Connection from Schiphol to cancel some flights and thus reduce congestion.

It is not yet clear how many passengers have been affected. Corendon and TUI have announced that they will not cancel any flights.

EasyJet flights also continued. But a carefree flight was not an option for many passengers. Because of the large crowds, passenger wait times were up to two or three hours. As a result, some of them lost their flight.

Tight security occupancy leads to long queues

Large crowds are the result of understaffed security. As a result, thousands of people waited in line for hours on Monday. Schiphol has already said she finds this “extremely disturbing” for travelers.

According to the trade union FNV, the shortage is due to the disappearance of the summer allowance previously paid by security guards in Schiphol. As a result, they started looking for work elsewhere and there is now a lack of security. FNV will once again discuss staffing issues with Schiphol today.

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