Bungie does not support Destiny 2 on SteamOS and Proton and warns of ban – Gaming – News

If you can’t check in the game if AntiCheat is working properly then I think you are doing something wrong.

Not to mention that AntiCheat is just a kernel-level malware these days. The solution is very simple. Allow dedicated servers, allow people to host themselves, and block them. No anti-cheat can rival that, in my experience. But that costs companies money, well…

Edit1: What operating system the game was made for is irrelevant. If you can start a game with a type 1 or 2 hypervisor without running AntiCheat, then something is wrong with the verification process. The logical step then would be to close the game. For this reason, bans during gameplay are just too ridiculous for words.

Edit 2: It costs companies money in some cases because dedicated servers are regularly integrated with mods. Mods have a potential impact on revenue models such as loot and cosmetics.

In any case, in this way it is not surprising, of course, that the gaming industry is becoming more and more corrupt. Many gamers don’t care at all about hardware support (durability), or what kind of software runs on their own systems, all under the guise of “gameplay”. Pre-orders keep pouring in for the most ridiculous practices across various game studios.

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