Bugsnax Coming to Steam, Xbox Consoles, Game Pass and Nintendo Switch on April 28 – Games – News

Bugsnax will release on April 28 on Steam, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and Game Pass for Xbox and PC. On the same day, the game gets a major free update that lengthens the story “from three to four hours”. The update will be available for all versions of Bugsnax.

The update for the PlayStation and Epic Game Store versions of Bugsnax was announced in October last year, but the exact release date has not been announced. It is also not yet known that the game will reach the rest of the consoles, Game Pass and Steam.

Little Horse Developer Gives Up new trailer Learn more about what the ‘Isle of Bigsnax’ update will include. After installing the update, the game added a forest island inhabited by the huge Bugsnax. To enter the new island, players must complete certain tasks. In addition, the player gets his own hut, which he can equip himself. The update also includes new puzzles and quests.

Bugsnax originally appeared in November 2020 as part of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 launch lineup and as an Epic Games-storeexcept for the computer. In the game you play as a journalist who is sent to write an article about Bugsnax. As the name suggests, critters are a mix between an insect and a snack. These Bugsnax must be captured as part of the missions given to you by the various islanders.

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