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On May 17, El Salvador arrived in Guatemala to meet with President Nieto Bran, the mayor of Myco. See here. Or at least that’s what he thought. The purpose of the trip was to present the President of Salvador Humanitarian demand for corona virus vaccines To your municipality. However, the mayor did not receive it, and four days ago his government announced on Twitter with three emoticons that the petition would be deposited in the Presidential Palace and awaited to be presented to the President. Donated 34,0000 amounts To neighboring Honduras.

“Honduras thank you Buccaneer,” read the banners waved by dozens of Hondurans as trucks with the Salvador government logo enter the Cotracho area with Astra-Geneca sizes. “Unprecedented”, listed as El Salvador’s communications secretary. It was a huge success for the president. Donation, as a measure, reinforces the image of a president who is different from “his predecessors” in the image he seeks to sell since he entered politics: appeal, beneficiary and close to the people. A picture that has reached not only his country, but also neighboring countries: Nicaragua, Hondurans, Guatemala and even Costa Rica have been featured on social networks engraved by Bukhal since coming to power in 2019, where every little comment the president makes will be liked by everyone.

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Buccal has strengthened a strong figure in El Salvador and has established his position above other powers in the state by using his popularity. In May, after his party won assembly elections, the majority of the ruling legislature was ousted All members of the Constituent Assembly And the state attorney, as a blow to the separation of powers, threatened it Will continue to take control of companies. While he is at home what critics see as a blow to companies, the president creates a personal brand that expands his popularity. A kind of right towards neighbors in a region burdened by violence, poverty, forced migration and corruption.

With the slogan ‘Made in El Salvador, but necessary in Central America’, Buckell marketed himself as a reaction and solution to these local evils on the internet, especially on Twitter and now Dictok. That strategy works for him beyond his bounds, despite such questionable actions of his order Interruption in the military-dressed parliament, Feet to the magistrates, their cRusada against the Independent Press Or attacks on transparency to exclude its officials from accountability. “In Honduras, too, Buccaneer has become a Messiah,” says Jennifer Avila, director of the Independent Media. Opposite.

“His general position on President Juan Orlando Hernandez has generated sympathy among the population exhausted by the crisis. He must reconsider imposing himself as a dictator. “

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Where some see the crisis, Buckell sees profit

Donating vaccines to Honduras is a realistic adjustment of Buckell’s virtual love affair with Central America. Until then, Buccaneer’s “cold” image was popular in El Salvador because of his style of governing, but above all it was reflected on social media, where Guatemalas and Nicaraguans declare themselves fighters for their party, the Newas Ideas. . Some statements against dictatorial regimes such as Hernandez and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua were able to strengthen their image abroad. Reputation carved by drills on sites like Twitter and YouTube. Buckell’s personal brand is the take-off platform for more decisive action in Govt-19 epidemics.

Evil not only cited the provision of vaccines, but also sent Buccaneer to take an sick Honduran child by ambulance to a hospital in El Salvador for treatment. “After the request for vaccines, there have been calls for help with ports damaged by tropical storms (to retain the walls), and the government has not repaired them for more than six months after the disaster. : ‘Where is the money?’ “, The journalist told The Country.

The old adage that where some see crisis, others see profit is more applicable to Buckell. For example, in July 2020, in the midst of a corona virus outbreak, The Embassy of Salvador in Managua Nicaraguan doctors fired by the Ortega government for criticizing their negligence in the face of COVID-19 were offered jobs in hospitals in that country. The Nicaraguan Medical Association later released a statement lowering the spirits of physicians: Promise This is not exclusive to doctors To that country, but to Latin America, under professional service agreements.

Gabriel Labrador, El Foro’s journalist, explains to EL PAÍs that since he began his political career in 2011, Bukele has also embarked on a career to “accumulate more and more power”. At the company, the Salvador reporter says the Internet is important because it is an open space where people can constantly receive information. “There is no better way to use power and authority than information. Buckell uses the internet to promote his image, but he knows that everything has to do with the actions they use to connect. It’s a political communication and marketing tactic. That is why, on social networks, on Twitter, on Facebook, along with the most aggressive strategy, It carries out regional political activities that allow it to strengthen its efforts to infiltrate communities, ”Labrador said.

“United States Interlocutor”

Labrador says the United States saw him as a regional orator before Buckell intensified his dictatorship, removing the balance of power in El Salvador. However, when Joe Biden arrived at the White House, things changed because he called his vice president’s trip the ‘Northern Triangle of Central America’, which is the main region for immigrants to the United States. Kamala Harris only visited Guatemala It excluded Honduras and El Salvador, which were isolated for drug trafficking, and its government criticized Washington for its dictatorial turns.

“This is a blow to the film that Buckell wanted to plan regionally. For that, for example, donate vaccines. He has to maintain an image in this global world of the internet. That’s why he’s a regular user on YouTube, social networks, pages that generate information from his government, a wonderful thing from him.” Labrador has a good financial manager, the idea of ​​being a good politician, but he’s always a politician who responds to the old structures: situation, institution, business and superpowers. “

In March 2020, a Nicaraguan public relations firm worked on a campaign paid for by El Salvador, which sought to highlight the Buccaneer government’s handling of the corona virus crisis. “They have asked our support to record some people with criteria and influence who can tell us in about 20 seconds what they think about the actions that El Salvador has taken against the people we live in in Nicaragua. Those videos can be published there (El Salvador),” reads a message received by a Nicaraguan journalist.

In the video, El Salvador is the first country in the world to have Bitcoin as its official currency.Video: EPV

The idea of ​​the Central American Union

The utopian Central American Union stands out in its strategies for capturing the Buckell brand. On several occasions, President Salvador has called for “Central America as a nation.” In his speeches he usually remembers the date of his independence from Spain. Even when Buccal was mayor of San Salvador, he reformed the shield of that municipality, and in 1834, when the countries of the region formed the Federal Republic of Central America, San Salvador was the capital for a time.

“I imagine you have this Simon Bolivar-like idea that unites people. Finally, give Central Americans the territory they have always wanted. He is the man destined to liberate the people,” says Labrador. This “export” of the Buccaneer brand in El Salvador is linked to the president’s ego. Saving all the distance, the journalist believes that this is like the late Hugo Chavez did: exporting his leadership to other countries “under the idea of ​​domination and establishing himself as the father of Salvadorans and Central Americans.”

“It’s like other dictators do: the way to do politics, the use of power and to show themselves as the only solution to problems. That’s why Buckle’s Twitter bio said ‘Leila’s dad’. He doesn’t put a politician or a politician in there, but wants to reinforce the idea that he knows how to take care of someone else. His wife also plays a key role, and every time he mentions it, he wants to show that he has this ability to take care of his people, ”Labrador analyzes, a vision that now seeks to export to the Central American environment.

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