Britney Spears does not support the new documentary | gossip

Britney Spears does not support the new documentary |  gossip

“This is another unauthorized documentary in which you have not cooperated and supported,” the insider said. The Netflix trailer shows that the documentary discusses, among other things, a classified report that someone “close to receivership” leaked to the filmmakers.

boss Britney vs Spears, Irene Lee Carr, in an interview with Los Angeles Times She tried to contact Spears to ask her to work on the documentary. She says she had always been “hoping and wishing and reaching for the documentary gods” for an interview, but she knew that was unlikely to happen.

When asked if she cared what Britney thought of the film, Carr replied, “I’ve thought about it a lot. I love her music and women’s rights are close to my heart. But it’s a journalistic project. So I had to talk to everyone involved and leave my own thoughts.” However, she was keen to feature images from the time Spears had a mental breakdown in the documentary. “It was a conscious decision, because she had previously indicated that it hurt her.”

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