British opposition wants clarification on former Prime Minister Truss’s phone hack

British opposition wants clarification on former Prime Minister Truss's phone hack

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British opposition parties want an independent investigation into the alleged hack of former Prime Minister Truss’ private phone. mail on sunday Reports that suspected Russian hackers were able to read her mobile phone.

The hack was discovered last summer, according to the newspaper, when Truss was still Johnson’s secretary of state and was making a bid for the Conservative leadership. The news was not made public at the time by order of Prime Minister Johnson and his chief of staff. “It is clearly a bad turn for the intelligence services if the foreign minister’s phone can be emptied so easily,” a source said.

Sources told the newspaper that the hackers got hold of all the messages from the past 12 months. This also included top-secret talks with other key foreign ministers about the war in Ukraine and, in particular, arms supplies.

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A British government spokesman declined to comment on “security measures surrounding individuals” and said in general that Britons had a strong system in place to protect the government from cyber attacks.

But the opposition Labor parties and the Liberal Democrats are not satisfied with this. “All alarm bells are ringing with regard to our national security,” said a Labor politician. She also wanted to know how a minister could use a private phone to make business calls.

You also find it remarkable that the news is coming in now. “If it turns out that this information has been withheld so as not to harm Truss’ chances, that is unforgivable,” said one Liberal Democrat member of the House of Representatives.

Liz Truss resigned last week after serving only 45 days. I’ve put Under fire since it arrived Because of her irresponsible financial plans in the eyes of many. She left it last Tuesday Rishi Sunak.

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