British food industry asks government for visas for foreign workers

British food industry asks government for visas for foreign workers

The British food industry requires the British government to obtain special visas for foreigners who wish to work in the industry. Industry comes through Results Half a million people are less than the Corona pandemic and Britain’s exit from the European Union.

This is noticeable among pig breeders. Due to staff shortages, slaughterhouses use only 75 percent of their capacity. Farmers cannot sell pigs that are ready for slaughter. The surplus is increasing by 15,000 pigs every week. This entails so many costs that many pig breeders are now making losses.

The Pig Farmers Association says that everything has been tried to find employees in their country. For example, wages have been increased, but many foreign employees have left after Brexit. Not many Britons want to do hard work.

“In other countries there are enough people who want to come and work here,” the union director said. dbbc.


The staff shortage in the UK is also being felt in the gardening, fast food restaurants and transport sector.

Milk producer Arla is able to supply less milk to supermarkets due to the lack of drivers. Other shelves in supermarkets also remained empty. Supermarket chains Tesco and Iceland warned this week that problems must be resolved before supplies start before Christmas.

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