Britain’s Ethan (7 years old) overwhelmed with hugs and cards after Grandma’s Facebook call | Abroad

Britain's Ethan (7 years old) overwhelmed with hugs and cards after Grandma's Facebook call |  Abroad

Seven-year-old Ethan was desperate in July after forgetting Peter Rabbit in an excited sprint to the beach (“first come first”) after taking a bus on holiday in Devon, Britain. “It was absolutely inconsolable,” Sam’s mother told the BBC. The bus company in question was unable to locate the stuffed animal.

The grandmother wanted to accommodate her grandson by posting a message on Facebook, hoping to find the stuffed animal again. Since then, cards, hugs and other gifts have flowed spontaneously from all over the world, even from Japan and Australia. sender? Peter Rabbit.

To the Olympics

And from the cards: “Good day Ethan. Flopsy and I jumped on a plane and made it to Australia. The other cards also tell of Peter’s adventures.” “People really take it seriously. Mother Sam said. Another message refers to a visit to the Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, according to the BBC, a “double” of Peter Rabbit was also sent to the address in Worcestershire, dressed as England and with a suitcase and a girlfriend. Grandma: “He was happy and happy with her. I haven’t seen him like this in a long time.”

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