Breakdown between allies: US leaves French feeling cold | Abroad

Breakdown between allies: US leaves French feeling cold |  Abroad

What is the hot argument about?
About a lot of money and wounded pride. President Emmanuel Macron is furious with the United States and Australia for approving a deal to supply US nuclear submarines to the government in Canberra. In doing so, they tore up an agreement concluded with France in 2016 to supply twelve (diesel) submarines worth 34 34 billion. Macron accused Australia of violating the agreement and the United States of being an unfair rival. Moreover, Paris learned of this deal too late and was unaware of the strategic partnership that the United States, Australia and Great Britain had formed under the name of the Axis. In response, France withdrew its ambassadors from the United States and Australia. This is the first time in a relationship between traditional allies. Minister Jean-Yves Le Trian speaks of ‘lies’ and ‘serious breach of trust’, which could have repercussions for ‘relations within NATO’. Great Britain also receives a mockery. According to Le Trian, it is consistently guilty of ‘opportunism’ but there is no need to withdraw the ambassador from London because ‘Britain is only the third wheel in the wagon’.

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