Brain-eating amoeba hits US lake: man in intensive care

Brain-eating amoeba hits US lake: man in intensive care

This is the first time that a dangerous amoeba has appeared in Iowa. When the infection appeared, it was a beach Lake three fires Immediately closed. “that it As a precaution‘, write the authorities.

The unicellular organism is very rare, but extremely deadly. It is found mainly in warm and calm fresh water. Since 1962, infections have been reported 154 times. Only five cases are known to have survived.

“It’s the most dangerous parasite in the world,” says a researcher at the University of Georgia. Against the American media† Previous infections have occurred in states such as Minnesota, Missouri, and Kansas.

The amoeba can enter the brain through the nose, not by swallowing water. Risks can be reduced by wearing nose clips or keeping your head above water. The person who catches it cannot infect another person with it.


According to the CDC, the first symptoms after an infection are nausea, headache, and fever. But then hallucinations can occur and the patient can fall into a coma. Within 18 days, infection usually results in death.

In Texas, children were still infected in 2021 and 2020 after playing in water fountains. They did not survive it.

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