Bradley Cooper spends 45,000 euros on his back… per month | Displays

Bradley Cooper spends 45,000 euros on his back... per month |  Displays

You have to be willing to pay to look as good as Bradley Cooper (47). The American actor has already achieved a lot of roles with his looks which is why he is investing seriously in them. According to German Bild, Cooper was paying more than 45,000 euros a month to look good. Even a fitness subscription is not included.

according to picture The actor will spend a lot of money every month on his appearances. The estimated $45,000 will go to daily facials, facial steams to clean pores, and expensive anti-aging creams. Furthermore, he has a makeup artist who comes twice a week to remove his eyebrows and remove “other unnecessary hairs”.

A rather high price, it even goes up. Cooper will also have a personal trainer and nutritionist who will ensure his body stays in top shape. It’s not within reach of most of us, but with an estimated net worth of €90 million, Cooper could fund it.

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