Brad Pitt is back again | gossip

Brad Pitt is back again |  gossip

Since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their separation in 2016, there have been the wildest rumors about the various relationships that Brad has been said to have had in recent years. The sought-after Hollywood star himself has always denied having a new wife in his life and has referred every rumor to the land of superstitions.

Six years later, it seems the tide is finally turning. Brad Pitt is back again! The 58-year-old actor has recently been enjoying a new lady by his side, but there’s definitely no mention of formality. “He’s dating again, but not in a serious relationship,” a source said. People.

The insider, who does not go into detail about Pete’s love life, says that the actor has struggled with extreme cruelty in recent years, but has always tried to make the most of it. One of the greatest joys in his life was his children. “When his young kids are in Los Angeles, they always eat out together. Now that they’re older, the kids have their lives and their friends of course, but Brad is still on good terms with them,” the source said. His holdings in France, editor). He loves architecture and loves to be creative. He’s living his best life under these conditions.”

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