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PlayStation players will be able to enjoy cross-play in Borderlands 3 before this spring, and the game will soon support cross-play across all platforms. The exact date of the support is not yet known.

Motion vector Reports This full cross-support will be available “later this spring.” This means that Borderlands 3 cross-play will soon be available between players on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia. So far, all platforms support cross-play in Borderlands 3, with the exception of PlayStation. Last month, it was announced PlayStation versions of First person shooter As of 2019 it will still support cross-play

One possible explanation for why cross-play is still available to PlayStation players two years after the game’s release is that Sony is somewhat reluctant when it comes to cross-play support. Previous arguments mentioned by Sony for this purposeunwilling to participate due to a ‘commercial discussion’, exposing children to ‘external influences that we cannot manage or control’ that we want to provideBest experienceon PlayStation consoles.

Recently, this appears to be changing. This may be because Sony sometimes asks developers to pay a fee If they want to add crosshairs to their games. The amount will depend on the popularity of the PlayStation version of the game and how much revenue Sony makes from the PlayStation Network.

Also supports Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands spin-off from Borderlands, which came out on March 25 By playing on all platforms† Founder Gearbox Randy Pitchford He said earlier on Twitter The boycott of PlayStation users in Borderlands 3 is “inevitable”. The exact date has not yet been announced, but cross-play support is expected to arrive in the first half of this year.

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