BNNVARA doubts Van Nieuwkerk’s expression of remorse and will speak to him | The media

BNNVARA doubts Van Nieuwkerk's expression of remorse and will speak to him |  The media
Broadcaster BNNVARA doubts the sincerity of presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkirk’s apology for offensive behavior in the The world goes on. This writes De Volkskrant. The future collaboration of the 62-year-old broadcaster and presenter a.k.a Chansons It seems uncertain.

BNNVARA assumed Van Nieuwkerk would immediately admit he was behind the scenes The world goes on I crossed the border. The broadcaster said he had previously made this admission internally. The presenter also admitted that the culture of fear should never arise again.

Based on the first draft of a statement from the announcer, the announcer expected him to express regret.

But in the statement sent by the lieutenant colonel on Friday morning De Volkskrant Sent, there was no remorse and the presenter criticized two of his former classmates. Nor did he address the scores of people who became sick from transgressive behavior and showed little self-reflection.

After BNNVARA’s displeasure, Van Nieuwkerk sent a new statement to De Volkskrant. In this he showed more remorse. But the broadcaster is skeptical about this apology. BNNVARA said in response to questions from De Volkskrant.

The announcer will soon be speaking to Van Nieuwkerk. It is not clear if the collaboration with BNNVARA is in danger. The broadcaster didn’t want to expect that.

At the insistence of the Cabinet, public broadcaster NPO will conduct a “swift and thorough” investigation into transnational behavior behind the scenes of the hit talk show. The world goes on. It remains unclear what the design and scope of the investigation will be.

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