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Amazon’s Twitch streaming service is considering changing its revenue model, according to anonymous sources to Bloomberg. For example, Twitch wants to pay lower subscription money to major stream creators and start promoting ads.

According to Bloomberg sources Potential changes are currently being discussed within Twitch, and some could be implemented as early as this summer. For example, Twitch might consider decreasing the revenue you get from channel subscriptions. Twitch viewers can subscribe to the broadcast channel that is part of. For a monthly fee Twitch Affiliate Program– o Twitch Partnersoftware.

Currently, the platform’s largest streaming partners receive 70 percent of the subscription fee. The remaining 30 percent goes to Twitch. The service will now consider reducing the revenue share of those carriers to 50 percent, which is already happening with smaller streaming devices. The platform can also assign different partner levels to broadcast creators, with different revenue ratios and requirements. At the same time, Twitch may suspend exclusive restrictions for Twitch partners, allowing them to stream on services such as YouTube.

Twitch will also put the focus on running ads more often. Earlier this year, the platform said it would pay $100 to watchers who play at least two minutes of ads within an hour. The company does this for broadcast creators who broadcast at least 40 hours per month on the platform. The company now too incentives For advertising, including the new “revenue sharing model” for advertising.

Bloomberg sources stress that the plans are not finalized yet and that the changes being considered could still be scrapped. Twitch refused to answer questions from the financial news agency.

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