Bloomberg: Meta Quest 3 will be ‘much thinner and lighter’ than Quest 2 – Games – News

It makes me think my Oculus Quest is gathering a lot of dust, which I was previously dreading. A very nice experience to let yourself and your friends and family call them. I also think it’s a great product for the price I paid for it at the time. Popular games like Beat Saber, Superhot VR, etc. are fun and innovative. In addition, I’ve also been doing VR boxing regularly during corona times and it’s been really good for keeping you in shape.

But the fun disappeared after a while. I think I’ve been taking it regularly about every week for the first year.

After that it became less and less and now several times a year a lot. I don’t like to watch the movie for more than half an hour, because of the weight and small screens, it’s very tiring for my eyes to watch. I think it also has to do with the resolution and refresh rate. Additionally, you have hardware limitations which you also see in most games. It’s all too much for me cartoon Style I don’t like. I thought games like Star Wars were well done, so it’s possible. Finally, I also found smelly plastic Quest, that smell never went away.

I’m seeing more in VR goggles that truly wirelessly do the image and leave the generation of the images to dedicated external devices. Because it will take years before the graphic quality resembles what today’s video cards can do. The more realistic games that exist on the PC / gaming computer level will tempt me to buy a new generation of virtual reality glasses. It’s of course already possible via OculusLink, etc., but it would actually be better if you had, so to speak, some game service that could stream this directly to your VR goggles without your PC interfering.

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I also spent some time developing myself for glasses in conjunction with Unity, but I think that was about three years ago. It worked by itself, but then found it too hard to test and then had to build over and over and load it to glasses. But I think there are also workarounds to do/test faster so as to be more productive. But I eventually stopped because it’s still a lot of work to build something yourself. You can imagine that the ecosystem has (even) improved in recent years and may now work a little better to make something for the task.

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