February 7, 2023

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Bloomberg: Grand Theft Auto 6 wins a leading championship – Gaming – News

Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a female role, according to sources from Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreyer. This will be the first time that the GTA franchise has a lead character.

The character is said to be of Latin American origin and part of a duo inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, According to Bloomberg. From this we can conclude that the other character is a man. This is in contrast to the previous parts of the franchise, where one or more men were always given the lead.

According to Schreier’s sources, this remake of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has to do with a sweeping shift in work culture within Rockstar Games. Once upon a time, there was a “male culture” in the company, often involving “drinking and fighting.” It is also said that excursions to strip clubs were organized. This corporate culture combined with maximum working hours and high expectations, which is known in the industry as crush Hundreds of employees fired him in 2018 in protest. The company already lost credibility in 2010 Because of the same internal problems.

Rockstar is said to have appeared in the meantime, including with the inclusion of a leading character in GTA 6. The new corporate culture will also emerge from the fact that it was possible to delete the unannounced mode for GTA Online. In the “Police and Crook” mode, players imitate child play, but due to the ongoing controversy over police brutality, the company is said to have decided not to release the mode.

Developers will now be careful not to “lose”, according to the sources; Jokes about vulnerable or discriminated groups should no longer be tolerated. This would be a turning point for the franchise, as Grand Theft Auto has evolved over the decades into a satirical global franchise filled with jokes about all kinds of races, political affiliations, and beliefs. Rockstar already removed it earlier Transphobic content of Transformers GTA V.

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Little is officially known about Grand Theft Auto 6, apart from the fact that Rockstar Games is working on it. According to Schreier and Battlefield-leaker Tom Henderson is coming The game will launch in 2024 at the earliestpartly because Rockstar is more concerned with the well-being of its employees.

Previous installments within the GTA franchise included only female side characters