Bloomberg: Apple Watch Series 7 has a bigger screen with more pixels – tablets and phones – news

It still depends on your consumption and that’s the case with every device, I have an 11 pro max and am still getting 2 days after about 2 years.
If you’re going to play games/have team meetings etc for half a day you won’t, but you won’t do it with a Samsung or another smartphone either.

I’ve had a Watch5 for almost 2 years now and can easily save 1.5/2 days with it, use for play/push is perfect (it saves taking the phone out of your pocket again).
Or leave without a mobile and pay by the hour without having a debit card or a mobile phone, because that is also possible :).

Moreover, I don’t have all the apps on it, because I find some of them useless.
Like Telegram, you don’t need to see the entire conversation history, just the notification is ok until the app removes the same money for it

ING (Apple pay only works without ing app on the watch)
Storm Alert

I also don’t install it anymore because it doesn’t have a useful functionality for me so yes, the more functions and apps you have on it, the faster it unloads of course (and how often you play with it).
The same before he often says that you have to stand for a while, or the new hand-washing notice since the corona is out too.

But you can save a day by using it anyway, you can save that with almost any device/hour (of course it depends on what you’re doing).

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