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Add seasons to the story? What do you mean because I’m playing S1 now and don’t really feel like there’s anything new in it, except for those hearts which take up a lot of inventory space and as far as I can see don’t contribute anything to a mission or my build.

What I notice is that since I have all the shrines I have a huge boost (my starting character already had all stats like INT and such at least 70, just because of the shrines) which makes it very easy if you don’t immediately go to level 2.

For the rest, (to be honest) I’m just experiencing the season as another full cloud; Go there and kill that, walk there and talk to that person, etc. Just like the normal mission was anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed playing D4, but if, like me, you don’t want the uber-elite meta build, but just want to get through the story, D4 lost all its appeal after completing the story.

And all those people complaining on the internet that there are a lot of takedowns, sorry, but they were also much needed because there are way too many people who can shoot everything, including uber heads, on the highest difficulty. If you didn’t have an uber meta design, it would often spam a single button thread indefinitely, until everything died. There was no challenge in it…

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