Blizzard sees player numbers increase thanks to Diablo Immortal – Gaming – News

And that’s how you make a nonsense game, you can make more money than many games that are still in their library.. So you see, “f2p” pays off, as long as you throw the hype sauce on it. A kind of “gachapong” in eastern countries, it was just a game, but everyone considered it a “game”.

And then it’s no longer about the principle, what their target group is, or what their target group isn’t, it’s just the signal issued again..the least effort, the maximum profit. He takes the absolute weakness of a “more mobile” average and knows how to put this completely away for maximum profit. Thus there will be another 100,000 “startups” that will follow the same path, the easy cash payment method. And where 1 is successful, 1000 will fall, but who cares? Just bring these games back to the market with some copy and paste, and something will stay by itself.

It doesn’t really matter what the ‘players’ think, what their old target group and their customer base are now thinking, they have found a market 1000 times larger, generate 1000 times more sales and know nothing about these business models.

In a way this is a bit like a 90’s smoking slot machine, costs tons of money, sure wasn’t good for you, but / care.. are you having a good time right? Consumption in 2022 has become something special, as we try, on the one hand, to save trees with polar caps and protected birds, and at the same time throw buckets of money for our ‘free time’ (not to mention the amount of energy that thousands and thousands of phones consume) to some means Mini entertainment. Think what the world could have done with 100 million…

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