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Bitcoin whales blijven kopen, ondanks kwakkelende koers

The Bitcoin (BTC) To the shock of many investors, the price fell again last night to around $42,100. Although there is no reason to panic yet, many Bitcoin investors are still a bit worried. Major investors, the so-called whalesShe doesn’t seem to care at all. They are currently buying on a large scale.

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin bulls They were unable to break above and the result was a downward move. This movement was very violent and this was also reflected in the scale of the liquidation that took place. As many as $200 million of positions have been liquidated since last night, according to Data from Coinglass

In the short term, traders and investors are bearish† Several analysts are currently looking at a back test of the level near the $40,000 level. Of course, in such a scenario, it cannot be ruled out that a file Bitcoin price It will also drop significantly below $40,000.

On weekends, trading volume is usually much lower than during the week. This can sometimes lead to higher volatility at the end of the week. Glassnode founders Yann Allemann and Jan Happel indicated that they are preparing for a period of potentially violent price action.

Bitcoin whales

The major bitcoin investors in this world do not seem to be very concerned about the immediate future of the bitcoin price. According to the latest data, whales are currently being hit on a large scale. They bought large amounts of bitcoin that were put up for sale by unsafe investors.

So it seems very likely that bitcoin whales will have good hopes in the medium to long term.

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