Bitcoin is very popular in this US state

Bitcoin is very popular in this US state

Data from crypto website CoinGecko shows that most crypto enthusiasts in the US are from California.

Bitcoin interest

The company behind the website shared in a statement that California (US) internet users are responsible for less than 43% of all searches related to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

CoinGecko is also popular outside the US, with only 11.9% of its total web traffic coming from the US. Its popularity increased when Binance took over competitor CoinMarketCap’s website (and filled it with ads).

CoinGecko’s COO and co-founder, Bobby Ong, said he was “not surprised.”

Silicon Valley is also home to the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Apple, Google, Meta, PayPal and Wells Fargo, among others, crypto exchange Coinbase and numerous blockchain projects are located in this area.

CoinGecko also noted strong interest in cryptocurrencies from Illinois, New York, Florida and Washington. Rounding out the top five are Texas and Arizona, where bitcoin news continues.

In Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Florida, Ong says altcoins are favored over bitcoin.

Research data

Data was collected between May 2 and August 21, 2022. This is purely about internet traffic from the US. You may wonder if this provides a good benchmark.

Bitcoiners are generally less concerned about price developments than ‘cryptocoins’. You won’t find an average bitcoin earner on these types of websites.

The data is coded on a scale of 0-100, with 100 representing the highest point of web traffic (California) compared to other states. In that respect they are head and shoulders above the rest, with Illionios finishing runner-up by just over 75 points.

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