Birgit Schuurmann Says Sorry After ‘Voice Expose’ Mark Marie Hoygbrigets: ‘Not really cool’

Birgit Schuurmann Says Sorry After 'Voice Expose' Mark Marie Hoygbrigets: 'Not really cool'

So what exactly did Birgit say? In a previous interview with Linda. Birgit said she doesn’t find it attractive when a man has a voice like Mark Marie.

In his podcast Marc-Marie & Aaf Vinden Something, the comedian responds to Birgit’s remarks. It came after Mark Marie said that he sometimes finds it so weird that he’s reading an interview with someone and it’s all of a sudden about him. “I think that’s very stupid,” the comedian said.

He says of Birgit’s statement: “I love that shameful voice. It’s not nice at all. I don’t know her at all. Just let me get out of you.” silly Life, Birgit Schuurmann. You are fine.”

Birgit is now taking the trouble to respond to Mark Marie’s comments on Instagram Stories. She wrote that she would send a personal letter to Mark Marie on Sunday evening. At first, the actress did not know what the comedian was talking about. “But then I remembered that I had already said something like that in terms of what I find attractive or unappealing in terms of sound.”

Birgit “You can’t say anything else” other than “it’s really not nice” to say something like that. She writes, “It’s not a fantasy to lose someone at a point where they can’t do anything about it.” “So mea culpa. Everyone is different and that’s a good thing,” Birgit continues. “It’s a lesson I always teach my son and after that I don’t stick to it. I promise to get better!

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