Bij1 files complaint against Vice President Tellegen for ‘uncivilized presidency’

Bij1 files complaint against Vice President Tellegen for 'uncivilized presidency'

Bij1 believes that the chairperson can be expected to lead the meeting “with impartiality, dignity, equality and fairness” and that this did not happen on Monday. In a letter accompanying the complaint, the party asks the House of Representatives what steps can be taken to train debate chairs in de-escalation tools they can use.

According to Simmons, what happened is exactly why it is so important to continue the struggle for a just and equal society. “In particular, voters who felt represented by Bij1 saw in Ms Tellegen’s outburst the marginalized behavior and expressions they encounter in their daily lives.”


Monday’s brawl follows earlier clashes in the House of Representatives. Ethics in discussions seem harsh. Representatives must be called regularly for an order by the President. Because harsh blame swings back and forth, or because people sometimes talk outside the microphone. Recently, almost the entire parliament fell due to the statements of Representative FvD Pepijn van Houwelingen, who Threatened by the courts because of the Corona policy.

House Speaker Bergkamp said: do you want to talk With parliamentary blocs on ethics during the debates.

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