Biggest US infrastructure deal: $ 550 billion to upgrade

Largest US infrastructure deal: $ 550 billion for development

The U.S. Senate has approved key infrastructure investments after months of negotiations. The $ 550 billion package (approximately 0 470 billion) is aimed at improving roads, railways, bridges and internet connectivity. Together with the previously approved investments, the total is about $ 1000 billion.

This is the first bill passed jointly by Democrats and Republicans since President Biden took office. For some reason, this is seen as a clear victory for the president. Sixty-nine senators, including 19 Republicans, voted in favor of the plan. There are 50 seats for both parties in the Senate.

“Today we have proven that democracy can still work,” Biden replied. “We can do great things together and do important things for the American people.”

Postponed maintenance

The approach to American infrastructure is badly needed because there is a lot of delayed maintenance. Twenty percent of the roads and 45,000 bridges are in poor condition. Some bridges have been completely closed due to flooding.

Like Memphis’ famous arch bridge. Since the bridge is closed, tens of thousands of vehicles have to divert every day. For trucker Clifton Hooke, it will not only take extra time, but also money, he said earlier in the video:

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