Biden: US Forces Protect Taiwan From Chinese Invasion | Abroad

Biden: US Forces Protect Taiwan From Chinese Invasion |  Abroad

If China ever decides to invade Taiwan, US troops will guarantee the island nation’s security. US President Joe Biden left no doubt about it in an interview with CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday. Asked if US military personnel would defend Taiwan, Biden said: “Yes, in fact, there has already been an unprecedented attack.” However, the White House said after the interview that this is not official US policy.

A US president has never before been so clear about the possibility of US support for Taiwan. In an interview with CBS, he was asked if the promised support would mean U.S. troops would also be sent to the island to help with security, unlike now in Ukraine. “Yes,” Biden replied.

‘No official policy’

After an already taped interview on Thursday, a White House spokesman said Biden’s statement was inconsistent with official US policy. The spokesman said the question of whether US forces would go to Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion is still unanswered. However, the US has promised to supply arms to Taiwan so that it can defend itself.

In late May, Biden caused a stir by saying that defending Taiwan was a promise America made to itself. The ruling angered Beijing, which views Taiwan as a renegade province. A presidential spokesman later clarified that the United States remains committed to providing military support for Taiwan to defend itself. Biden responded a few days later, saying “the policy on Taiwan has not changed.”

Relations between China and the US have been strained since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last month. China has held several days of military exercises in the waters surrounding the island nation following its arrival. Beijing has warned Washington not to “play with fire” around Taiwan.

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