Biden does not want regime change, but “Putin must pay the price for a shameful war” | Abroad

Biden does not want regime change, but "Putin must pay the price for a shameful war" |  Abroad

Biden shares Zelensky’s view that only diplomacy can end this war. It was an important reason for the US president to provide the country with many weapons, because it gives him a better negotiating position, he says.

The US President stressed that America will continue to provide weapons and financial support during the coming period.

“We are not looking for a war between NATO and Russia as long as Russia does not attack the United States or its allies.” He also reiterated that “despite the fact that he sees Putin’s behavior as disgraceful”, he has no intention of overthrowing Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an earlier speech, he said the words: “Oh my God, this guy can’t stay?” This was immediately subjected to considerable criticism. He later quickly stated that he was not looking for regime change.

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Nor does Biden have any plans to publicly or covertly pressure Ukraine to force it to give up areas of its territory, for example. This would be wrong and contrary to established principles.” He stressed the importance of a stable and peaceful Europe. Russia would have to pay a heavy price for this war, otherwise other nations might think it was good to take a piece of land elsewhere. It endangers other democracies. It could even mean the end of the rules-based international community.”

He concludes by saying that Putin did not expect the West to unite with such force: “He was wrong.” And that the Russian leader does not expect this to diminish in the coming months. “Otherwise, you are wrong again.”

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