Bibi Bregman’s daughter has 12 grandparents: ‘He asked for an explanation’

Bibi Bregman's daughter has 12 grandparents: 'He asked for an explanation'

Twelve might seem like a huge number, but according to Bebe, it’s a simple addition. ex parents Oh KhaironStar separated when she was two years old. Even though it didn’t end with a quarrel and her mom and dad still lived in harmony, it wasn’t always easy. When there is a lot of love, things can sometimes hurt. But the fact that they still have a good relationship says a lot about their friendship that started because of me.”

Their new partners also play an important role in this, according to the 30-year-old. Since you can still do well with your ex, if a new partner wants to throw a wrench into the works, it doesn’t help. ‘I love them like my dad. And Teddy doesn’t discriminate in this respect’, says Bibi.

So, the little girl has four grandparents and grandmothers, from Bibi alone. And then there’s Waylon’s Parents: This makes for six great-grandparents and great-grandmothers for Ted, but there are still six great-grandparents to explain…Bee’s grandparents and grandmothers are still alive and have a special history. The mother writes: “My mother’s parents divorced more than ten years before I was born, at a time when this was not uncommon. Nor the reason: my grandmother found out that she liked women. Much to my grandfather’s dismay, but what can you do? He went to therapy and met his current wife there. .

I have a strong relationship with my grandmother. When I was a little girl I used to call her “Omo,” which is my baby’s word for grandmother. I knew this from the Omo detergent ad. My mother was always laughing so hard because she sounded like “like me” coming out of my mouth. This means that I grew up with a grandfather and three grandmothers on my mother’s side.

Then there are her Indian grandparents, and their marriage also collapsed when Bibi was 10 and her grandmother found her childhood love again. My grandfather and grandmother always kept in touch with each other. So there’s another grandmother and grandmother there too,” Bebe concludes in her column. Unfortunately, Grandfather Rudy passed away last summer, but at Teddy’s maternity party she was surrounded by thirteen grandmothers and grandmother! (…) Later, very helpful to our family, All those breakups that ended in friendships.When Ted visits all those grandparents with her school report after a while, she can address W and I over a rice table.

Before the baby comes, all attention turns to little Teddy, who turns out to be able to sing a beautiful tune.

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