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Bethesda announced that Stadia players can now transfer their progress in The Elder Scrolls Online to PC or Mac. Players need to log into the game’s web portal where they can also download the PC or Mac version of the game for free.

According to Bethesda Stadia players will not lose any of their progress in The Elder Scrolls Online if they transfer their data. The developer states that achievements, inventory, friend lists, messages, ratings, and all other game data are transferred when you choose to transfer. The company is said to be able to do this because Stadia players have always been playing on the same servers as this game’s PC and Mac. This allows the transition to be smooth. Bethesda does not charge additional fees for this service, nor for the PC or Mac version of the game, which can be downloaded for free through the portal.

in October published Game developer CD Projekt Red already has a step-by-step plan to export saved data from Cyberpunk 2077 for Google Stadia to PC. Through cloud sync, PC gamers can then transfer the saved data to the console versions of the game. Ubisoft also has announce Ubisoft games purchased through Google Stadia will be converted to a PC version. It is not clear if the French developer will do this for a fee and will also convert saveata and dlc. The company will provide more details later.

Instructions will come from Bethesda, CD Projekt Red and Ubisoft after Google at the end of September announce To stop Google Stadia, the game streaming service. Stadia didn’t get the intended number of players Google was hoping to get. The service will stop on January 18, 2023. Google will refund users for purchasing software such as games. The company also offers refunds for Stadia devices, if purchased through the Google Store.

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