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I don’t agree, but yes it is. This is what the average player wants when you read the forums

comment @Osen 32 It refers more to game stores that have no added value to consumers. The player that plugs into other launchers, is free of DRM, and is actively working to keep old PC games available and playable. Its value is greatly underestimated. How much text, image and audio material has been lost through the ravages of time? Video games are now so big that they are at least as important as a form of media. GOG does this in such a way that players can continue to play, while rights holders can still earn some money.

steam? It’s not the most common for nothing. Newell explained it best: piracy is a service issue, and Steam caters to players on their signals more than other stores. Moreover, the company behind it is making deep investments to increase everyone’s ecosystem, and prevent unfair positions of power in this market. It also does not offer exclusive benefits, keeping all parties involved honest. Developers and publishers are allowed to submit their own games through their own websites and other launch platforms, entirely outside of Steam or using Steam activation codes.

epic? Windows Store? The origin of the EA? Bethesda Launcher (now gone)? uuuuh…

Yes, Valve is making a profit. But it also adds value to the rest of the market. Then we cannot say about many other parties (listed or affiliated with listed parties), which focus only on short-term profit. With them, the player is not the customer, but the shareholder.

Take Epic for example, which complains that Steam is the market leader and that developers and publishers are paying too much. Meanwhile, they help Microsoft make Windows exclusive by actively discouraging Linux support. They only do this because Linux is Steam’s domain in terms of games (without it costing Windows players anything if they want to use Steam).

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