Beth Hart does not want to tour the US –

Beth Hart does not want to tour the US -

The corona epidemic in the United States and the political situation have had a major impact on Beth Hart. The singer disagreed with some political voices and said she had lost her love for her homeland. So he was not interested in starting his US tour which started last year.

“During the epidemic I had a grudge against my own country and I did not want to tour,” the singer of Leave the Light told ANP. “For example, I was afraid to tour my home country because of Capitol’s storm. I’m not comfortable here.”

When Hart returned to the stage in the United States, it was far from a negative experience. “I loved my country again. In politics it does not mean that all people are rotten. There are so many good people.

Better than ever

Hart, 50, thinks his relationship with the American people is better than ever. “I have never had so many loving and caring people in the audience all the years I have been touring the United States. I think it’s because we’re separated by epidemics.”

Although the singer is aware that the corona epidemic is not over yet, she mainly reflects on the positive impact of the forced break. “I worked and changed important things myself. I could not work and did not run, so I had time to look good in the mirror. It was painful, but above all very good.”

In addition, Hart is grateful for the new love for his homeland and for hosting shows there with greater joy than ever before. “It makes me emotional when I talk about it, so I stop now.”

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