Best Smartphone Buying Guide – Tweakers

Best Smartphone Buying Guide - Tweakers

Once every two months, we publish an update to the Smartphone Best Buy Guide. You can see that summer is in full swing, because apart from a few models and some mid-range devices, not many have come. However, there are enough hardware among the newcomers so good that they have eliminated some recommendations from previous BBG’s from their throne. At the low end and the lower end of the mid-range we received the OPPO A77, Realme 9 Pro, Vivo Y76, Redmi 11 Pro + and the 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy A13. Moreover, the price of quite a few devices has gone down, and as a result, Motorola G60s, Samsung Galaxy A22 and Redmi Note 10 are now in the cheapest category. The Samsung Galaxy A53 and Poco X3 Pro are now on the lower side of the mid-range segment.

It’s always been busy in the mid-range category, though not much has been added this summer. Some smartphones from the more expensive segment have also fallen in price and devices from the cheaper segment have become more expensive. The Pixel 6a and Nothing Phone (1) are the newcomers in this category and we not only tested both devices extensively but also reviewed them separately.

This time it is basically the most expensive hardware category to which most hardware has been added. OPPO Reno8 Pro and OnePlus 10T come in the second most expensive category. In the most expensive group, these are Sony Xperia 1 IV, Redmagic 7S Pro, ASUS Zenfone 9, Vivo X80 Pro, foldable smartphones from Samsung, Fold4 and Flip4.

We have reviewed all the devices again and included price development to determine the most recommended smartphones at the moment for each category. Some of the recommendations from the previous BBG go back in this BBG, but there has been a shift again and fortunately there are some newcomers who have made it recommended.

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