Best Processor Buying Guide – Introduction

Best Processor Buying Guide - Introduction

In this new processor best buy guide, we identify the best processors of the moment based on our test data. Compared to the previous BBG processor, AMD processors in particular are much more available and therefore more attractive. In addition, this manufacturer came up with two completely new models in the form of Ryzen 5 5600G and Ryzen 7 5700G, which of course we have included in this overview of the processor market.

Are you looking for tips for buying a complete PC? Then check files Desktop BBG.

Best processor with good performance and price

BBG processor improvements

In this second version of Processor Best Buy Guide, we have made many improvements based on your suggestions. Among other things, we have modified the names and price ranges for the categories and divided the overview of the standard on several pages. Moreover, in addition to energy consumption, we are now showing efficiency. Thank you for your feedback!

You can, of course, say that the faster the processor is automatically the better, but the price also plays an important role for almost all consumers. You can buy a cheap processor for about 50 euros, which you can use for word processing and web browsing, for example. Performance may not even be the most important thing for such use. The presence of an integrated GPU, for example, can save you from buying a separate video card, which is even more important for the overall price of such a system.

If you use your computer for more productive tasks or for gaming, a faster processor with more cores and higher clock frequencies will quickly become more attractive. In the creative spectrum, particularly tasks such as rendering utilize multiple cores. Specifically for gamers, it is important that the chosen processor is fast enough for the video card to perform optimally, with the speed per core being at least as important as the total computing power.

Current offers from AMD and Intel

Both AMD and Intel have two series of processors for desktop computers. By far, most CPUs come to the mainstream socket: the AMD AM4 socket and the Intel 1200 socket. The so-called hotAMD sells its own Threadrippers, among which are It said A new generation is on the way, while Intel has traditionally had its own Core X processors before that. However, it has not been updated for some time. Both Hedt sockets have processors with more cores than the mainstream variants and also four-channel memory, which is particularly interesting for demanding semi-pro users.

AMD’s current series is the Ryzen 5000 series. It consists of four X models without integrated graphics and two G models equipped with it and thus does not necessarily require a separate video card. The cheapest Ryzen 5000 processors are the Ryzen 5 5600X and 5600G which cost over €250. If you want to spend less than this amount, it is not an option. Old chipsets, especially the 2019 Ryzen 3000 series, serve the lower chipsets.

Intel immediately took seriously the eleventh generation Core processors, because Lined up It consists of at least thirty models. However, it is Core i5s and above that use the latest technology; The remaining processors are brand new within the 10 series. Effectively, both the 10 and 11 series are kept up to date. In principle, you can mix and match the corresponding 400 and 500 series CPUs and motherboards, with the H410 and B460 chipsets as exceptions.

shortening high end
AMD AM4 socket Intel socket 1200 AMD STR4x socket Intel socket 2066
Model names Athlone / Ryzen Celeron / Pentium
Core i3/i5/i7/i9
Ryzen Threadripper Core i7 / i9
number nuclei the above. 16 the above. 10 (of 8) the above. 64 the above. 18
number PCIearcade 20 20 64 44
memory channels dual channel dual channel Quad Quad
Integrated GPU the new
(except -G)
(except -F)
the new the new

Socket, motherboard and memory

The processor you choose largely determines how the rest of the system will look. You should use the motherboard with the same socket as your CPU, choose a matching memory and ensure adequate cooling. With more and more processors, you don’t get a standard cooler in the box, but even if you do, you probably don’t want to use it as a quiet PC lover.

On the next page, we take a look at the performance of all tested processors. We then compare these prices with current prices to determine the price-performance ratio. Finally, we present our recommendations in different categories.

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