Bergkamp provides more clarity about research in Arib

Bergkamp provides more clarity about research in Arib

House Speaker Vera Bergkamp has provided more clarity about the investigation of her predecessor, Khadija Arab. The Presidium, the House Executive Committee, decided that Hoffman Fact-finding investigation in Oraib will lead. Hoffman checks whether the complaints in the two anonymous letters about ARIP are “actually done”. In addition, researchers will make an inventory of the nature and scope of the allegations, and test them against laws and regulations regarding code of conduct. Bergkamp is writing this to the House of Representatives on Thursday.

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Arib (PvdA) recently left as a Member of Parliament Once Norwegian Refugee Council have revealed He will be investigated for possible infringing behaviour. Complaints were received about Oraib about her tenure as Speaker of Parliament between 2016 and 2021. She is said to have created an “unsafe working environment”. Anonymous reporters also spoke of the “rule of terror” and the “abuse of power” by Arib. On the advice of the State Prosecutor, the Presidency decided to open an investigation into the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, which was also approved by Member of Parliament PvdA and then Member of the Presidency Henk Nijboer.

Arib herself denounces the entirety of the events surrounding the investigation, with which she refuses to cooperate. The PvdA member did not identify himself in the allegations and accused Bergkamp of “throwing her in front of a bus” and stabbing a “dagger” in her back. The various parliamentary blocs also demanded clarification from Bergkamp on this issue. Remarkably, Parliament did not sign the letter addressed to the Speaker of Parliament. Bergkamp regrets that confidential information has been leaked to the newspaper and is doing so on behalf of the presidency Announcement to the Public Prosecution Department.

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