Benjamin from Winter, full of love, makes a quick decision and sends Nikki’s date away: ‘No call for me’ | Displays

Benjamin from Winter, full of love, makes a quick decision and sends Nikki's date away: 'No call for me' |  Displays

This feeling is stifling A winter full of love-Participant Benjamin received from Nikki quickly made him decide that his date should go home. On Wednesday evening’s episode, the Swiss-based restaurant industry man made the decision. “I think: I’ll rip the band-aid off as soon as possible.”

Benjamin (26 years old) appeared in the first episode of the series B&B full of love, who appeared on television Monday night, met painter/firefighter Nikki. While Benjamin was initially excited about Nikki’s video, that quickly changed when he saw 32-year-old Nikki in person. He truly loved Benjamin and did not hide his feelings.

Benjamin thought Nikki was being a bit harsh, but things didn’t really get worse until Nikki started talking about his relationship history. “I used to be that kid who was on your lips 24/7 and wanted to be with you all day. And the reaching out and the texting. I was so pushy about it. But not anymore,” he said. This revelation scared Benjamin. “I really think That’s a red flag, so to speak. When someone is so fierce and intense and always wants to be with you and communicate with you. “It makes me feel really short of breath,” he replied.

“No click”

Meanwhile, the second appointment also came: Yeshua. Unlike Nikki, Benjamin was not short of breath. The guys clearly clicked, with Joshua even deciding to surprise him on the spot with a mystery outing, as they’ll be away for at least two days. Just before leaving, Benjamin took Nikki aside. “Can we chat for a while?”

No hard feelings kid, really


And so Nicky, already feeling the mood brewing, is told that Benjamin sees no future with him. “The conversations we’ve had so far haven’t really made me think: There’s something between us.” Nikki agreed, although he also believes it needs to come from both sides. Benjamin said he “tried it,” but he also had to listen to his feelings: “For me, there’s no click.”

Although the adventure only lasted two days, Nicky handled the rejection with good humour. “No hard feelings kid, really. Come give me a hug.” A short but sweet farewell followed. “I really wish them every happiness.”


Nicky was not the only one who returned to the Netherlands on Wednesday evening. In Gedo in Swedish Lapland, Margaret announced that she wanted to return home. She actually suffered from homesickness on Monday and was unable to put that feeling aside, much to Guido’s disappointment. “I’m not completely surprised, but I really think it’s a shame,” he replied.

The first dates had already arrived with both Edith in Austria and Marko in Norway. Whether something thrives there will become clear in the coming episodes.

Margaret and Guido in a winter full of love.
Margaret and Guido in a winter full of love. © RTL

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