Belgian short trackers continue in US and Canada after KNSB end –

Belgian short trackers continue in US and Canada after KNSB end -

BRUSSELS (AP) — Belgian short track speed skaters Hane and Stijn Desmet will train in the United States and Canada this summer. They told Belgian channel Sporza that the pair will be joined by four Belgian shorttrackers.

Hanne and Stijn Desmet trained for years with the Dutch short track selection. Skating association KNSB announced last month that it would no longer be allowed after next season. The union believes that foreign high-level drivers will benefit more from this. That would be at the expense of Dutch medal chances at major events such as the Olympics.

“I am satisfied that a solution has been found,” said Hanne Desmet, last year’s Olympic bronze medalist in the 1000 meters against Sporza. And I think it’s positive that we’re going to try. USA and Canada. “We feel good and can focus on next year’s games. Fortunately, I already know Salt Lake City in the US very well. It also helps that my friend Joey Mantia trains there. The facilities are great. .”

at home

Desmet thinks it’s a pity to leave Heerenveen. “I’ve lived in the Netherlands for five years and consider it my home. You really develop bonds and friendships. It feels like a team. Adjusting is always difficult and more distance is definitely not better.”

From the 2024-2025 season, Dutch teams will not only welcome the best short-trackers. The same goes for long track skaters. The IKO group has already announced that it will take legal action against KNSB if the scheme works.

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