Be quiet dark base pro 901 review

Be quiet dark base pro 901 review

In summary

With the Dark Base Pro 901, Be Quiet has released a worthy successor to its five-year-old housing at the top. The 901 is an improvement in many areas, particularly in terms of ease of installation. The case is huge and versatile, so you can store not only your current system, but future designs as well. The cabinet comes with several accessories, such as an additional front panel for a directed airflow configuration. However, we’re missing a video card upscaling: that should have been standard for this price and this segment. Performance is good, but not great. However: nothing stands in the way of your expansions on any front.

We were able to like it during Computex, but now we’ve been able to test it internally and extensively: Dark Base Pro 901 from Quiet. This is the German manufacturer’s new flagship and improves on the old model, the Dark Base Pro 900, in many ways, inside and out. However, the price has gone up a bit.

The original Dark Base Pro 900 appeared in June 2016, seven years ago already, with a suggested retail price of €249. Two years later, the case received a review in the form of the Dark Base Pro review. 2. It received a suggested retail price of €269 upon launch and is only available in one store for around €322. So we had to wait five years for this new iteration of the top model of the Tranquility Stable.

The Dark Base Pro 901 is currently only available in one version: black. The case costs, or at least its suggested retail price, €319, but that might be a bit of a stretch: at least one shop closer to €300 for the case. 901, unlike its predecessor, came with an additional front panel. You can choose between a closed front panel for silence or a mesh version for extra airflow. We will of course test how they perform.

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