March 26, 2023

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Basketball players US tackle Spain after break: 'Dream team' to semifinals |  Olympic

Basketball players US tackle Spain after break: ‘Dream team’ to semifinals | Olympic

American basketball players are competing for gold at the Olympics. The ‘Dream Team’ won the quarterfinal match against Spain: 95-81. The difference was made in the second half of the match.

Fifteen-time Olympic champion in the United States in men’s basketball. Only four times did gold not be taken by the United States.

Spain started strong, had a long presence, but were 43-43 against the ‘Dream Team’ at half-time. In the third quarter, the United States withdrew from Spain. The win was 95-81 without any problems. For the Spaniards, it was the first Olympic Games in men’s basketball since 2004 to win a medal: silver in 2008 and 2012 and bronze in 2016.

The United States enjoyed a moderate production for the games. As the play-offs in their country ended late, many star players wanted to rest. Some are missing due to corona infection, some came to Tokyo at the last minute. Earlier in these games, American basketball players had already lost to France (76-83). This is the sixth loss for Americans in many years at the event.

Ricky Rubio on behalf of Spain in action against the United States. © AB

Slovenia had previously beaten Germany 94-70 to advance to the semifinals. France beat Italy 84-75. Then today is the last quarter of the Olympic basketball tournament: Australia-Argentina. The winner of that match will face the United States in the semifinals.

The last time the United States won gold was in 2004. Argentina then won the title and the United States ‘only’ bronze.

Kevin Durant (shirt No. 7) with teammates Tremond Green (14) and Devin Booker (15) during the match against Spain

Kevin Durant (shirt No. 7) with teammates Tremond Green (14) and Devin Booker (15) during the match against Spain © AB

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