Basehoff – Rutte’s fog bank is more dangerous than that cloud on the left

Basehoff - Rutte's fog bank is more dangerous than that cloud on the left

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When the first, as it turned out, last cabinet fell to PvdA member Joop den Uyl in March 1977, Juliana was still a queen, a vase cost between two and three quarters of a guilder, and Markje Rutte had coolly celebrated his tenth birthday a month earlier. For a guy who can’t even remember what was served for lunch yesterday, it was unlikely that the leader of the VVD still had active memories of the peak of the Uyl religion. “We must not go back in the Netherlands to the days of Joop den Uyl,” Saturday at the T Hotel. So it’s absurd.

Furthermore, Rutte appears to be the elector of Malle Pietje (this is a file Swiperreference, children’s series in den Jol’s time) with the image of fear he paints for the Social Democrats in the newspaper. The only Rotte government who sat fully through the trip was the one with which the Prime Minister had worked closely. And in his current government, Root is already working with PvdA and GroenLinks to support government policy in the Senate, where the coalition does not and will not get a majority.

Not surprisingly, Rutte in Telegraaf excludes PVV from any collaborations whatsoever, but also disavows emerging newcomers BBB and JA21. can at the polls He knows that the VVD and the brand-new PvdA-GroenLinks bloc go hand in hand, so Rutte and his campaign advisers run it safe: First make sure the VVD becomes the largest.

The fact that the champagne was defused on Saturday at PvdA-GroenLinks kongsi – the red will also benefit from the very simple enemy image raised by Rutte – Rutte accepts. Because part of the BBB and JA21 voters (and CDA members as long as they’re still there, Hugo de Jonge He does it already in the pants) you’ll want to play it safe and so you’ll still vote for the VVD.

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And at the end of the trip — Tuesday, May 30, the day of the Senate election — Rota still turned left. Because Rubber Rutte has now proven itself to be a go-to outlet, given its extensive collaboration with PvdA, GroenLinks and D66.

This left cloud is not the problem, Rutte’s fog bank is more serious. It is better for the voter to move around.

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