Barry Hay will present a “musical episode” for VPRO: “À la Jools Holland” | Displays

Barry Hay will present a "musical episode" for VPRO: "À la Jools Holland" |  Displays

Barry Hay will soon be presenting a “musical episode” for VPRO. The broadcaster confirms this after reporting subway for this site. What cooperation entails will become clear later.

In an interview with subway He tells the Golden Earring singer he’s “happy” when he’s back on stage. “After the last of the Amstel Friends, I lost my breath,” explains Barry Hay. This is why, at the moment, the singer decides to “do things he loves himself.” , for VPRO TV, I will be presenting a Juul Holland-style musical episode at the BBC. I might invite some national musical acts myself.”

This site’s VPRO confirms that there will indeed be a collaboration with Barry Hay. What exactly a collaboration with the singer entailed would become clear later. “At the moment we are unable to tell you more about the exact details,” said a VPRO spokesperson.

Golden Earring had to stop performing abruptly in February 2021 because Kooymans turned out to be ill. The line-up has been on stage for sixty years, though not always in the same line-up. Barry Hay and his three Golden Earring mates reunited for the first time in January for a mini reunion. They met up with guitarist George Koemans, who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Hay said at the time: “It’s really nice that the four of us have made it together again. We sit down and get drunk and talk about things. It really is something that we’re together again. I hope it’s not goodbye.”

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