Bar through Zundert driving parade, Corona rules relaxed only on September 20

Bloemencorso in Zundert (foto: Kevin Cordewener)
Zundert’s Flower Parade (Photo: Kevin Cordewener)

The Board of Directors of the Bloemencorso Zundert Foundation does not see any prospects of making a mobile parade possible this year within the current Corona regulations. The board announced this Saturday morning. The show was scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 5th.

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The council will now continue to work with the hamlets and the municipality of Zundert on a scenario for a parade car that people can walk along.

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“More clarity on this will be available in the coming days,” a spokesperson said. “This decision obviously has many consequences for the admission and runway tickets that have already been sold. Bloemencorso Zundert will communicate as soon as possible how to deal with this matter.”

And on Monday, show spokesperson Lennart Schroen still had “high hopes” that a riding show could be held this year. But after the press conference held by outgoing Prime Minister Mark Root and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge on Friday evening, this intention was canceled because Corona measures had not been relaxed enough by then. This relaxation will not occur until September 20 at the earliest.

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In total, the Flower Parade board had four shelf scenarios. On Monday, Lennart called the parade floats, which are now being worked on, “the worst case scenario.”

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