Bar boss Camiel wants a different beer, but is stuck with the brewer: ‘Unfair’

Camiel Verschuren lacht nog maar vreest voor wat komen gaat (foto: Karin Kamp).

It’s unfortunate that café owner Camiel Verschuren from Helmond sees more and more of his competitors switching to another beer brand. Purchase prices continue to rise and he has already achieved two price increases this year. But serving another beer is not an option for him. “The brewery decides,” Camille says with a sigh.

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Rochelle Moss

Camiel is one of several operators in Brabant who rent out their brewery premises and thus stand with their backs to the wall. The building and tap belong to the AB-InBev brewery and so Camiel is obligated to serve Jupiler. AB-InBev has other brands, but the contract says I can only buy Jupiler. And this is an ongoing contract, so I can’t ignore it.”

“And then you think: leave us alone for a year.”

The businessman acquired Stadsherberghe De Kei in the summer of 2019. He had to close the doors shortly after due to corona measures. Now he is having difficulty again. “When you hear that this brewery is making billions of dollars in profits worldwide and has turned even more during the pandemic, well. Leave us and the customers alone for a year, I guess. Instead, we got two raises in a year. That’s an uncomfortable feeling.” Very fair.”

According to him, operators who have their own premises will sometimes get high discounts if they switch to a major beer brand. They have a very strong negotiating position. They can sit around the table with different breweries and choose the most favorable price. And then the brewery will often charge a lower standard price.”

“Guests will soon only come once a month, instead of every week.”

Camille has already increased the price of beer in his pub by thirty cents this year. If Jupiler’s purchase price rises again, it will have no choice but to move on. “But it’s going to cost me guests,” Camille says. “Young people in particular find it difficult and will then choose to come only once a month, rather than every week.”

He hopes breweries will open their eyes now that more and more pubs are turning to brands or beers from abroad. “If it spreads like an oil slick, it could become something. So I hope the breweries do something about it. Because I’m afraid of what will happen to the prize next year.”

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